Frequently Asked Questions


Describe what the Keywords/Domains number implies

The number characterizes the total amount of keyword as well as the domain combination that can be included in your account. It is strategic to note that every keyword/domain you include will be considered as one.

What procedures are involved in upgrading, downgrading, cancelling my account?

Upgrading/ downgrading or canceling your account is a procedure that can be carried out at any period of time. Please be informed that if you considered upgrading/ downgrading your account, a refund policy on any unused subscription shall be applied.

Explain on-demand Keyword Updates

An additional amount of on-demand rank updates has been made accessible in order to provide you with fresh, powerful as well as instant data whenever they are needed.

Does your platform provides access to monthly searches?

Our system has been specifically designed in a way that makes it compatible with Google’s new monthly searches update. We provide you with the exact value, as opposed to the range.

Is Google Mobile supported by your platform?

Our platform fully supports the use of Google Mobile track. Additionally, we have the ability to track AMP sites as well.

Can your platform provide access to Google Local Listing Tracking?

Yes! We are all set up to track the new Google’s new Local “Snack Pack” and any other Google Local Listings that come ahead of the organic listings.

Which regional Google rank tracking do you support?

Our service includes rank tracking for every single Google. It would be ideal to check the dropdown below for a full list.

Do you provide other affiliate programs to clients?

Yes, When you refer anyone to purchase our plans, you will be entitled to 40% lifetile. And be informed that you continue to get paid for as long as the referred individual continues to subscribe.


What does search visibility means?

Search visibility simply means noticeable your keywords can be when inputted in search engines and clicked on. It has been observed that the first page tends to get more clicks, while the first three results get 70% of clicks.

Can SerpToday be considered an accurate rank tracker?

Have you been searching for an accurate rank tracker? Then look no more. SerpToday has been classified as the most precise as well as the fastest rank tracker in the industry. In order to enjoy the benefits that over thousands of individual can testify to, sign up and let us give you an amazing experience by making use of our free plans.