What’s my serp

What’s my serp

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SERP – Search Engine Result Page, is the page search engines return when a search is carried out. Simply put, a Search Engine Result Page is the feedback
page you get when you carry out a search on Google or other search engines. When someone mentions SERP, they are basically talking about organic search results.

Most bloggers, SEO professionals, and ads managers make a common mistake of creating and publishing contents without targeting specific keywords.
It’s absolutely a necessity to always check the ranking of your domain for targeted keywords and also to monitor your search engine ranking for relevant keywords. What’s my serp It only takes a few minutes to discover how you are ranking for each keywords using keyword rank checking tools like Multi-page rank Checker and Google USA SERPs Bulk Keyword rank checker.

Keyword targeting is one of the major factors Google uses to rank websites during a search.

Google USA SERPs Bulk


What is my serp

90% of-of internet users use search engine to find what they are looking for online and the higher your website ranks for a specific search keyword query, the higher your chances of getting visitors when searches are made on that keyword.
Google, Bing, Yahoo are the three biggest search engine available and the SERP applies to all three of them and other search engines. Each search engine has the unique way they display search results.

Every desire and are working hard to get to SERP position 1 because its where most of the traffic goes to. Nobody knows the actual click through for each position but researches on the value of search engine result positioning have suggested that the website with SERP rank 1 (that comes first on google search result) attracts over 30% of the visitors generated from Google searches. It was noted that the first three websites on the search result get over 60% of the overall traffic generated (remember that there is usually 10 result per page).
Appearing on the second page (ranking 11th or 12th) give a website less than 1% of the generated traffic. This highlights the importance of ranking high for keywords which are essential to your niche.

What is SERP?
Good ranking in search engine translates to more visibility for your business leading to more conversions and business growth.

This highlights the importance of tracking your rankings. knowing your SERP ranking for specific keywords makes it easier for you to make the necessary improvements to rank higher or maintain your current ranking.

Choosing a good SERP checker

Checking your ranking manually isn’t a good as its time consuming and could be inaccurate. However, You can easily check your ranking on result pages using a rank checking tool.

A reliable SERP rank tracker can be very beneficial for any business that wants to grow, as it would provide you with accurate reports to make SEO improvements.

However, with so many tools available, here are few things to consider when choosing a SERP rank checking tool.
1. The accuracy of Report: the last thing you need is an inaccurate report showing that you are doing great, while you are actually not ranking high and vice versa.

A false ranking report can do a lot of damage to you as you can end up wasting time and resources. it’s very important that you choose a ranking tool that is fully reliable for accuracy. You can check the features and reputation of the tool to a determine the accuracy of its report.

2. Speedy status refreshes – the ideal SERP ranking tool should quickly update your current status whenever you need it. Getting an instant refresh would help you quickly make a decision on your SEO strategy. Check for the speed of the rank tracking tool before committing.

3. Cloud Capability – Ability to access and comparing your data anywhere would be an added advantage. A cloud-based rank checker gives the advantage of accessing your SERP report at any given place or time. check to know if the tool has cloud functionality before choosing.

4. competitors report – This is a tricky thing to do and its hard to find, however, getting a rank tracker that can report on what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing, can give you an upper hand and help you
improve your ranking. If you can find a SERP checker with this feature, then it would be the ideal pick.

Powerful SERP checking Tool – What is SerpToday?

Whats My SERP

keyword tool
Amazing SERPs rank checking tool, that shows the position of your website on specific keywords in search engine.
When you enter your URL, this tool would detect and display the keywords you are currently ranking for. It also has a feature that enables you to analyze the competition and other details for each keyword.

Multi-page rank Checker

This is an excellent SERP checking tool which enables you to see more than your search engine position. The multi-page rank Checker enables you to check your SERP ranking for more than one search term at a time. s the ideal tool for checking multiple keyword ranking.

Bulk Keyword Rank Checker The Google USA SERPs Bulk Keyword Rank Checker is an Excellent tool that enables users to track their position for specific keywords on google search results.
To use, simply enter the specific keyword you want to search alongside the domain name you want to search for and the tool would generate the domain’s position for that keyword on Google. the tool also allows you to check for more than one keyword at a time.

4. Popular rank tracker A popular keyword tool loaded with tons of amazing features. It automatically detects the keyword your domain is ranking for and shows you your positions for individual countries.

Tips to rank high on search engines result pages (SERPs) The search engine page can be divided into two broad categories; the “organic listing” and the Paid adverts usually bought on “pay per click” or (PPC).
Around 80% of the traffic generated from searches on Google goes to organic listings and hardly the Pay per click listing.
This highlights the importance of getting your website optimized to rank naturally (organic) in search results. this process though tedious is not tricky or impossible, it simply involves optimizing your website to be more search-engine friendly.
This process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it involves engineering your website so that it could be easily read by search engine crawlers.

SEO is more of a text-based analysis, so to rank high, your webpage needs to be full of text. You have videos and images with little text, you might not rank high. For instance.
If you targeting the keyword “Computer accessories”, then you then you need to have a page with the title “Computer accessories” and a lot of text content related to it.
Another aspect of SEO is the page title, it’s really amazing that people still name their homepage “home” or even have their business name as the title of every webpage of their website.

This can be ideal for big brands like Amazon, Walmart and others that have already made their mark and most times have their people searching directly with their name. However, if you are just starting out and searching for customers, then you need to optimize the Titles of every single page on your website for search engine. another aspect of attaining high SERP rank is by increasing your trust and authority score.

Search engines are always working to provide their users with the best choice when searches are made and they consider the Authority and trustworthiness of a website when ranking. Just like in the real world, where established businesses have more clout than new businesses, in the cyber world you need to work on getting a good reputation and trust if you are just starting out.

For instance, if a new restaurant is established close to your house, am sure it wouldn’t make your drop your favorite restaurant for them.
However, if you hear that the new restaurant is gaining a good reputation for good food, you might be tempted to check it out.
Same can be said about a website’s online reputation, you can further your reputation by creating great and informative contents offering great services.
Trust, however, is attained via an algorithm. The more backlinks you get from trusted and authoritative (established) websites, the more Google would trust you.

It makes perfect sense as these established websites would not link to an irrelevant or rubbish website. Another way to increase your trust is by doing things according to the ethics of search engines.
This simply implies that all your activities should be natural. If you are building links, it should be natural. Your usage of keywords should not be excessive.

Creating additional 200 pages for your website in one-day isn’t natural and can rather decrease your SERP ranking. Search engines love everything to progress naturally and if you continuously go against the terms and conditions, they can look into your account and penalize you. Conclusively, there are tons of tools like Multi-page rank Checker and Google USA SERPs Bulk Keyword rank checker that can enable you to easily check your SERP position for keywords.
However, the only way to increase your SERP ranking is by doing what search engine likes. Your website should be built so users and crawlers can navigate and find pages easily.
Create and publish relevant and informative contents and get plenty of trusted links. work continuously to make your website the best on the internet, and you would find yourself ranking in the first in in a search engine result page in no time.